Manchester, NH - An adult male with multiple stab wounds was brought to the Elliot Hospital in a private vehicle at approx 11:30 AM Friday morning. MPD learned that the event took place at 241 Joliette Street first floor and there could be more victims. MPD quickly assembled SWAT and at approx 12:45 PM surrounded the house and ordered the occupants out while communicating over the loud speaker of the Bearcat.

A subject on the second floor in a different apartment, unrelated to the incident cam out with his hands up and was detained a short time. MPS continued to search the house including the attic and basement with a K9 and SWAT officers.

No one has been arrested at this time but MPD believes this is not a random crime and there is no reason for the public to be concerned about their safety.

According to MPD Mark San Clemente SWAT was utilized not knowing what they faced. The investigation will now be taken over by the investigation division.

MPD have now secured the scene and will obtain a search warrant and return with the crime scene processing group.