NHSP - DWI Arrest After Man Stopped After Driver Had To Be Pulled From Car

A concerned motorist called NHSP reporting a pick up truck all over the road nearly causing multiple accidents on 93 North in the Derry area. The information was relayed to a NHSP Trooper in the area who positioned himself to observe the vehicle. The trooper immediately observed erratic driving and activated his lights and siren. The vehicle after a short distance pulled over just North of exit 4 in Derry.

The trooper approached the Dodge pick up to speak to the driver. The driver refused to get out of the vehicle and had signs of intoxication. The NHSP trooper had to pull the man from the vehicle where the man could not stand up due to intoxication. The NHSP trooper dragged the man to the safe area of the breakdown lane and waited for a second NHSP Trooper.

The two troopers placed the man in the back of the cruiser. According to NHSP Lt Noyes William Kadlec, 72 of Lyme, CT was placed under arrest for Driving While Intoxicated and Resisting Arrest.

A reminder that calling 911 with hazardously operating vehicles benefits the safety of other drivers. Great job by NHSP and the caller who tool the time to call in the erratic driver. ©Jeffrey Hastings / www.frameofmindphoto.com