SWAT Team Executes Arrest Warrant

Manchester, NH- The Manchester Police SWAT team was utilized to apprehend an individual wanted on several arrest warrants at 330 Porter Street #2.

At approximately 5:30 AM, patrol officers received information that a person wanted for Felonious use of a Firearm (4 counts), Felon in Possession of a Dangerous Weapon (4 counts), Receiving Stolen Property (2 counts), Possession of a Controlled Drug (2 counts) and Possession of Controlled Drug with Intent To Distribute (2 counts) was staying at the Porter Street address. Patrol officers and SWAT set up a containment perimeter around the residence, making several attempts to contact the wanted subject Daniel Rogers by phone and the PA system. Having no response, SWAT deployed a robot and later a K9 Unit to check the apartment.

SWAT officers entered the apartment and located an individual hiding inside a closet. This subject was identified as James Canney 52 years old of Freemont, NH wanted out of Hillsborough County Superior Court on a Felony Capias Warrant Habitual Offender). Canney was taken into custody and will also face Resisting Arrest charge. Canney confirmed the target of the investigation, Daniel Rogers, 30 years of age was hiding in the crawl space of the attic. SWAT deployed tear gas, extracting the wanted subject.

Rogers was taken into custody without further incident. Rogers was arrested on the outstanding warrants and he faces an additional charge of Resisting Arrest. Rogers will be arraigned in the 9th Circuit District Manchester on Tuesday December 27th, 2016.
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