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THe BG Varsity girls put on special colors, special shirts to recognize the fight against Ovarian cancer. The game was special and the score was to when they won against Hollis 19 - 4. ©Jeffrey Hastings /
BG Varsity 05-24-16-0155BG Varsity 05-24-16-0156BG Varsity 05-24-16-0165BG Varsity 05-24-16-0187BG Varsity 05-24-16-0188BG Varsity 05-24-16-0202BG Varsity 05-24-16-0212BG Varsity 05-24-16-0213BG Varsity 05-24-16-0215BG Varsity 05-24-16-0216BG Varsity 05-24-16-0226BG Varsity 05-24-16-0227BG Varsity 05-24-16-0228BG Varsity 05-24-16-0229BG Varsity 05-24-16-0230BG Varsity 05-24-16-0242BG Varsity 05-24-16-0245BG Varsity 05-24-16-0246BG Varsity 05-24-16-0249BG Varsity 05-24-16-0250