NASHUA, NH — Boston MedFlight worked with AMR and Nashua Fire Rescue in a training exercise to prepare for events where a medical helicopter is needed.

Members of NFR, AMR and Boston MedFlight worked in a classroom environment Tuesday to talk about patient care, landing zone preparation, and general information pertaining to medical flights.

A landing zone was set up at Nashua High South where multiple members of NFR, AMR, and Boston MedFlight gathered. A Boston MedFlight helicopter was sent from Mansfield, Massachusetts, to the landing zone. The helicopter landed and then allowed time for the members of NFR and AMR to gain hands on knowledge about the helicopter.

The medical helicopters have very limited space to work on patients, and the patients flying are usually seriously injured. NFR and AMR crews were able to view the helicopter and understand the equipment utilized.

A few people in the area of the landing zone were able to get tours of the helicopter while it was on the ground. Boston MedFlight crew members took the time to give some young children the opportunity to sit in the helicopter.

The helicopter which was on the ground for about 1-hour then took off and was back in service to provide critical medical care in New England. ©Jeffrey Hastings
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