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Canterbury, NH - On May 8, 2021 Canterbury Fire Rescue held a training burn that allowed multiple fire departments to have hands-on training.

The fire training was coordinated to allow personnel from Canterbury, Chichester, Boscawen, Concord, Loudon, and Tilton-Northfield to participate.

Several training evaluations were done allowing the firefighters to see first hand how the fire and smoke changes based on different scenarios. The scenarios allowed firefighters to do firefighting exercises on both the interior and exterior of the house.

The house had been purchased by an adjacent land owner who had plans to demolish the house. The landowner reached out to Canterbury Fire to offer the use of the house.

Many volunteer firefighters do not have as much opportunity to have hands on experience that is incredibly valuable in giving them knowledge when real emergencies occur.

After several hours of learning firefighting techniques, and having hands-on experience the building was consumed by fire as part of the planned events.

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