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The annual Derry Fire Department Promotion Ceremony was held November 29th at the Derry Municipal Facility.

Lt. Ron Sebastian was promoted to Lieutenant and took the Oath of Office and was pinned by his wife Amy while his children Lilly and Emma stood by their side.

Lt. Richard Houle retired after 37 Years of service. IAFF Local 4392 presented a “Well Used Hook” and a plaque honoring his service.

Lt. Bill Rutherford the Department Mechanic retired after 20 years of service. IAFF Local 4392 presented a plaque honoring his service.

Fire Inspector David Eastman took the Oath and was pinned for his recent promotion to Fire Inspector.

Five new members of Derry Fire Department were sworn in, taking the Oath of Office and were pinned with their badges.

The five new members are:
FF/Paramedic Jason Landry
FF/Paramedic Feng Lian
FF/Paramedic Thomas Gillis
Fire Inspector David Eastman
FF/Paramedic John Davis
FF/EMTA Alex Phillips

Photos by Jeffrey Hastings
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