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Derry, NH - On January 10, 2019, at 1:10 PM Derry Police Department received a call from the Derry Post Office regarding a package that was discovered on the ground near the outdoor mail receptacles at the edge of the property. There was no delivery information on the package and it was obviously out of place.

Officers responded to the post office which is located on Tsienneto Road and observed the package as described. As a precaution the post office driveway was closed off and US Postal Inspectors and New Hampshire State Police bomb unit were notified to assist in examining the package while Derry Fire Department stood by.

While suspicious in terms of its placement near the mail receptacles the package was determined not to be a hazard and was removed by Derry Police. Access to the post office was re-opened after about an hour.

Derry police will attempt to locate the owner of the package. ©Jeffrey Hastings
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