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Goffstown, NH - On December 19, 2018 At 530 PM a person going by 181 Goffstown Back Rd saw smoke coming from the house and called 911. On arrival Goffstown Fire had fire and smoke showing from the basement area of the house. The house which is on the corner of Catamount Rd was positioned to allow access to all side for apparatus to access. GFD made entry to the second floor and rescued 2 dogs from the fire but unfortunately they did not survive. A second alarm was requested for water,manpower and apparatus to the scene. Mutual Aid towns also covered the Goffstown stations.

Water supply came from hydrants, however over 2,000 feet of hose had to be run to reach the house.

The fire appears to have started in the basement and spread to the first and second floor. The residents who were not at home at the time of the fire will be displaced and arrangements are being made for housing.

No injuries to FF or Civilians

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