Goffstown, NH - On October 6, 2023 Goffstown Fire and Police dispatch center received a call from a person on Peppermint Street reporting smoke coming from their neighbors house.

Fire and Police were dispatched, while en route it was communicated it was unknown if there were people in the house but there were dogs inside the house.

Goffstown Police arrived at the scene first and reported a house engulfed in fire, people from the neighborhood attempted to search the house.

Firefighters from Goffstown arrived at the scene, the engine is staffed by an officer and three fighters. Three were dropped at the scene while the driver went to the water supply and established a connection.

Police officers assisted firefighters in pulling hoses to the house while they awaited personnel from other towns and cities. A second-alarm was immediately requested bringing additional personnel and apparatus.

A large dog was located and removed to the front lawn where firefighters performed CPR and life-saving measures, but the dog was unable to be revived. It was later determined the dog that perished was the only animal in the house, and no people were home.

Firefighters worked to knock down the heavy fire to prevent it from spreading further into the other living area. Manchester Truck 6 responded to the scene and set up in the driveway and provided access to where the heaviest fire was.

Several water supplies which were located in the immediate area provided ample water supply, and water shuttles were not needed.

No firefighters or civilians were injured in the incident. The cause and origin of the fire is not known at this time and is being investigated.

©Jeffrey Hastings www.frameofmindphoto.com/news
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