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Guster stopped by the House of Blues Foundation Room in Boston for a very special afternoon concert for the WXRV listeners. Guster was in Boston to do a 2 night sold out gig at the House of Blues.
WXRV Guster HOB-3399WXRV Guster HOB-3483WXRV Guster HOB-3526WXRV Guster HOB-3426WXRV Guster HOB-3446WXRV Guster HOB-3449WXRV Guster HOB-1152842WXRV Guster HOB-2250WXRV Guster HOB-2261WXRV Guster HOB-3537WXRV Guster HOB-3538WXRV Guster HOB-3540WXRV Guster HOB-3542WXRV Guster HOB-3544WXRV Guster HOB-3546WXRV Guster HOB-3553WXRV Guster HOB-3559WXRV Guster HOB-3561WXRV Guster HOB-3563WXRV Guster HOB-3569