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HOOKSETT, NH — On July 15, 2021 Hooksett Fire responded to a report of potentially hazardous conditions at a A Duie Pyle trucking company located at 40 Londonderry Turnpike on Thursday around 6 a.m.

On arrival, firefighters were told a trailer that was carrying hydrochloric acid that was leaking.

Crews established a command post and moved the trailer away from the building to the end of the parking lot. The Southeastern New Hampshire Hazardous Material Mutual Aid response team was requested to respond.

Around 8 a.m., the team had arrived and was setting up equipment and putting proper protective gear on to make entry into the area where the chemical is.

Two members of the hazmat team made entry to the trailer and placed four leaking one-gallon containers into a protective barrel. The barrel was sealed and removed by crews from the trailer.

©Jeffrey Hastings
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