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MANCHESTER, NH- On Wednesday, June 11, 2014, the Manchester Police Department hosted a Police K-9 graduation ceremony at Gill Stadium in Manchester. The ceremony celebrated the successful completion of 15-week police K-9 academy where three Manchester Police K-9 teams and one Goffstown Police K-9 team trained full-time to achieve standards for certification in patrol and narcotic detection.

The K-9 teams are identified as follows:

Manchester Officer Ryan Brandreth and K-9 Colt
Manchester Officer Chad Tennis and K-9 Ace
Manchester Officer Derek Cataldo and K-9 Lord
Goffstown Officer Jon Babcock and K-9 Jax

These officers and their K-9’s return to their agencies ready to assist in the locating and apprehending fleeing and violent offenders, finding lost children or missing adults, recovering hidden or discarded evidence and sniffing out illegal drugs.

The K-9 academy was an intensive, full-time training program conducted locally by MPD Sgt Chris Goodnow and GPD Sgt. Chris Weeks, both of whom are certified trainers with the United States Police K-9 Association. Congratulations to the all the officers and their K-9s for a job well done!
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