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Katrina Gustafson was the top winner of "Music Matters" program where high school students from all over the WXRV listening area submitted music and explained WHY music matters. Salem Five bank gave a $500 grant to her school music program in Lynnfield, MA

Katrina Gustafson won first prize and was invited to perform at RiverFeast which featured David Gray and Scars on 45. A few images from the performance.
Riverfeast 2014-9290Riverfeast 2014-9289Riverfeast 2014-9282Riverfeast 2014-9279Riverfeast 2014-9274Riverfeast 2014-9270Riverfeast 2014-9265Riverfeast 2014-9264Riverfeast 2014-9287Riverfeast 2014-5319