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Thanksgiving morning the dedicated runners of all ages participated in the 2016 Annual Merrimack Rotary Turkey Trot ©Jeffrey Hastings /
Merrimack Turkey Trot-6150Merrimack Turkey Trot-6119Merrimack Turkey Trot-6123Merrimack Turkey Trot-6127Merrimack Turkey Trot-6132Merrimack Turkey Trot-6133Merrimack Turkey Trot-6137Merrimack Turkey Trot-6141Merrimack Turkey Trot-6145Merrimack Turkey Trot-6147Merrimack Turkey Trot-6168Merrimack Turkey Trot-6186Merrimack Turkey Trot-6193Merrimack Turkey Trot-6196Merrimack Turkey Trot-6198Merrimack Turkey Trot-6202Merrimack Turkey Trot-6205Merrimack Turkey Trot-6207Merrimack Turkey Trot-6209Merrimack Turkey Trot-6210