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Manchester Fire Fighters took part in the annual tradition of adopting families who needed a little extra help for Christmas. The Fire Fighters all contributed money and reached out and found some families who needed some help, many who wouldn’t be able to put gifts under the tree.
MFD gathered the funds, shopped using lists for the appropriate ages of the children and even wrapped the gifts. Friday current and retired members of MFD loaded a trailer with gifts and visited the families to drop of the gifts.
The fire fighters unpacked the gifts, received some hugs, and moved on to the next deliveries. There were smiles, and tears from many of the receiving families who appreciated the help. MFD had enough funds to also bring the families the items needed for a great Christmas dinner.
City departments from the City Clerk’s office, Tax Office, Info Systems, and the Library all adopted families to allow the gift giving to be expanded.
20 Children from 7 families are able to have a great Christmas with the generosity of everyone who helped. MFD has assisted 500 children over 30 years with the adopt a family program
©Jeffrey Hastings
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