August 29, 2022, Building fire, 34 Elm Street

Dispatch: 15:19

Under Control: 17:21

Resources: E2, E5, E7, E8, E9, E10, RIC E3, E6, T1, T6, T7, R1 Car 1, ALS 1, ALS 16, Investigators K1, K2, K3 All off duty personnel requested.

Companies were dispatched to 34 Elm St. at 15:19 for a reported building fire. First arriving companies were confronted with heavy fire on the south side porches that had extended into all three floors of the building.

A 2nd alarm was struck at 15:24 which brought additional resources quickly. Heavy fire and heat conditions caused damage to an adjacent building to the west, this took additional resources to evacuate and to protect the exposure building with hose lines.

A call for all off duty personnel to respond was requested at 15:36. Due to the fast moving fire conditions, all personnel were ordered out of the building and transitioned to a defensive mode.

The fire was brought under control at 17:21. All occupants had evacuated the building safely, one firefighter was treated at the scene and transported to the Elliot Hospital for a heat related issue. He was released later in the evening.

Red Cross requested to assist occupants, in all 4 adults and 2 children were displaced from the fire building along with 7 occupants of the exposure building.

Special Circumstances: Very warm weather conditions, extreme fire conditions, exposure building.

Fire Cause: Undetermined, unintentional.

Incident Commander: Battalion Chief Kenneth Proulx

©Jeffrey Hastings
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