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Manchester Fire responded to 232 Spruce Street for a reported fire in the rear of the building at 3:31 pm. On arrival, companies discovered heavy fire at 232 Spruce St and it was quickly spreading to the buildings to the East and West.

A second and third alarm was quickly struck and efforts were concentrated on saving the immediate exposure buildings in the area.

All MFD off duty personnel were called to the scene to help with firefighting efforts.

Gusty winds combined with low water pressure hampered firefighters.

Two buildings are a total loss, 3 other buildings and several vehicles were damaged

A total of 12 families were displaced and are being assisted by the Red Cross.

No firefighters or civilians were injured.

The cause and origin of the fire are under investigation by Manchester Fire Department investigators

11 engines, 3 ladder trucks, 1 rescue, 2 ambulances responded to the scene. All units cleared the scene at 8:50 pm

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