On September 19. 2023 Manchester Fire dispatch received calls reporting a building fire at 496 Bartlett Street at 12:20 p.m. Tuesday. The initial caller reported they could not self-evacuate and they were trapped on the third floor. The caller disconnected from the dispatchers. Additional calls came in reporting the adjacent building was also on fire.

First-arriving firefighters reported smoke showing from the roof and entered the building to begin evacuations. All occupants were safely out of the building and firefighters located the fire. Fire was located in the void space above the kitchen area called a “cockloft”.

Companies initiated an aggressive interior attack, combined with coordinated exterior rooftop operations to locate and extinguish the fire, and ventilate the building.

Truck 6 and Truck 1 (Labeled T4 used as a temporary replacement) worked on opening up the roof to ensure the fire was fully extinguished. The fire was declared under control in approximately 20 minutes.

American Red Cross was called to the scene to assist three adult residents who were displaced by the fire.

1 adult male, unknown injuries, self-transported to a local hospital after MFD personnel arrived on scene. AMR ambulance personnel remained at the scene until units cleared.

Property Loss: $200,000, Property Saved: $145,000. The cause appears to be accidental and is still under investigation by Manchester Fire Marshal’s Office and Manchester Police.

The Incident Commander was Battalion Chief Bob Beaudet

Resources: Engines – 6,9,11 Trucks – 6,1 R.I.C. Engines – 2,5, Rescue 1, Car 1, O1, O2, SFT-1, PIC 1, X- 20

Video of what firefighters arrived to can be seen at - https://youtu.be/eI9Mahsok8o

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