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Manchester, NH - On February 24, 2022 Manchester Fire dispatch received multiple calls from people reporting a structure fire on Beech Street on Friday.

Firefighters arrived at 9:38 a.m. to smoke coming from a single-family home at 885 Beech Street and stretched hose lines and made entry into the house. At the time responders were not sure if the building was occupied and began searching for occupants.

After a short search crews were notified that one man who was home at the time of the fire escaped safely and was outside on the sidewalk.

Crews quickly suppressed the bulk of the fire within minutes and began opening walls and ceilings looking for where the fire extended.

Windows were opened, and some removed so that smoke could be ejected from the house and the under control was given at 9:57 a.m..

The Structure sustained severe fire damage to the first floor and significant heat damage to the second floor. One occupant displaced and was being
assisted by family and the Red Cross.

Battalion Chief Kenneth Proulx said cold temperatures and icy conditions were present, but did not hamper firefighting operations. There were no injuries to firefighters or civilians.

Resources: E3, E5, E6, E10, E11, T1, T6, R1, Squad 1, ALS4, Car1, 01, 03 and K2

his fire was caused by careless disposal of smoking materials and is classified as accidental. Estimated Dollar Loss: Approximately 80 to 100K of loss, and 150K to 200K of property saved.

Incident Commander: Battalion Chief Kenneth Proulx

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