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2/21/20 Manchester Fire was responding to a reported building fire on Arlington St when Engine 11 and Truck 1 Collided, and then struck a pick up truck stopped in the Westbound lane of Bridge St. Engine 11 was traveling East on Bridge, and Truck 1 was traveling North on Maple St.

Two AMR ambulances were immediately called to the scene, and then an additional 3 AMR ambulances responded.

8 Firefighters and 1 civilian were transported to two local hospitals. All the firefighters were treated and released, and the operator of the pick up sustained unknown, but not life-threatening injuries.

Duval’s Towing towed both vehicles to the City of Manchester DPW garage where equipment was removed from both pieces of apparatus.

MFD Chief Goonan said it appears both Engine 11 and Truck are totaled after initial assessments

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