MFD responded to a building fire at 1105 Union Street during an intense period of lightning and severe weather. Upon arrival the first arriving company had smoke and fire showing from a large barn adjacent to the house.

The house sits on a hill with a long driveway making access a challenge for crews arriving with a ladder truck. Firefighters knocked down the primary fire from inside the building during intense lightning strikes in the immediate area. Truck 7 set up and was able to access the roof, and open up the cupola and parts of the roof. MFD placed tarps over several items in the barn to protect them from the rain coming through the roof.

The fire was brought under control, no firefighters or civilians were injured. Truck 7 when leaving the driveway faced a challenging situation with soft ground, and the steep driveway. After adding some cribbing under the wheels the truck was able to return to service.

©Jeffrey Hastings
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