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Manchester, NH - On March 2, 2023, Manchester Fire and AMR Ambulance responded to a report of smoke in the basement of a residence at 533 Merrimack Street.

Firefighters arrived at about 12:20 p.m. and made entry to the basement where they had a smoke condition, and the owner reported they had “popping” near the electrical panel. The occupants of the house self-evacuated and were outside when firefighters arrived.

A working fire was requested bringing additional resources to the scene, and firefighters stretched hose lines to the house. Firefighters discovered an active fire in the area over the electrical panel of the house.

The area was opened up for access and the fire was extinguished, other crews began opening windows of the 2.5-story house that had filled with smoke. Firefighters set up smoke ejection fans in doorways to remove the smoke.

The fire did not extend far from the original area around the electrical panel, crews used thermal cameras to check for any extension.

In the area where the fire was there is electrical lines coming into the building from a generator, at the time of the fire it is undetermined if the generator was running.

The Manchester Fire Marshals office is investigating, the fire appears to be electrical and accidental based on initial investigation.

No firefighters or civilians were injured. Manchester Police blocked portions of Merrimack Street for about 1 hour while crews worked at the scene.

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