Address: 1082 Dunbarton Rd
Dispatch: 4:41 PM Under Control: 5:37 PM
Resources: 5 engines, 2 ladders, 1 rescue, 1 District Chief, 2 ambulances
Description of Incident: This fire was on the outskirts of the city, at the Goffstown line. First arriving fire crews were from Station 6 on Amory st, 7 minutes after the call was received. Arriving crews encountered approx. half of the home engulfed in fire upon arrival, heavy black smoke venting from the attic and windows. Crews made an interior attack to search for victims and to attempt to extinguish the fire.
Searching crews were faced with extreme heat and zero visibility conditions. As the firefight and search were progressing, interior crews encountered a floor in a rear bedroom that had given way and fallen into the basement. Major injury or worse was averted by an alert interior crew who stopped just before they fell into the engulfed basement through the compromised floor.
Firefighters were able to save several pet rabbits though several rabbits perished in the blaze.
One occupant of the home, who self-evacuated along with his dog, sustained serious injuries and was transported to a local hospital.
Special Circumstances: The closest hydrant was 1200’ away. In addition, extended response time due to the remoteness of the home to the closest fire station allowed the fire significant headway before our arrival.
Fire Cause: Accidental due to an unattended candle
Estimated dollar loss: $100,000.00
©Jeffrey Hastings
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