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Manchester Fire Use Personal Money To Buy Gifts For 24 Children

Manchester Fire Personnel made a huge difference in adopting 24 children from 10 different families, and buying gifts for the children to ensure a wonderful holiday. Each year for over 20 years members both current and past donate personal funds to be able to buy gifts for as many families as possible. The families are recommended to MFD by various schools and agencies and MFD is provided with the names and ages of the children.

The MFD elves then go shopping for presents, and join together to wrap all the presents. Then just before Christmas they load up the trucks and the fire fighters, and family members hit the street making a huge difference for families. The delivery is coordinated so it happens when the children are in school so they don’t know they didn’t come from Santa.

As we went house to house we saw so much appreciation from the families, many shedding tears of joy. A woman who recently took custody of her two grandchildren, a disabled veteran unable to provide everything for his children, and endless stories of people who need assistance.

One of the families wrote a note to MFD - "I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the gifts. It has touched my heart more thank you will ever know. You and all of those at the fire department have the best hearts. My children and I will forever be grateful. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas."

This is all done by the MFD team on their own time, and with their generous personal donations. It is great to see a team of people giving to those in need, and making a difference.

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