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MFR INC Rte 101A Gas Leak-3613

MFR INC Rte 101A Gas Leak-3613

Merrimack NH - A contractor working at 710 - Rte 101A the former McDonalds restaurant struck a gas line causing gas to leak at a rapid rate. Merrimack Fire Rescue arrived on scene and immediately declared a very dangerous situation as electricity was on in the building, and the gas was not able to be shut off.

Rte 101 A was shut down by Merrimack PD, and NHSP as well as Continental Blvd. Nashua Fire Rescue responded mutual aid with one ladder, one engine, and AMR Ambulance.

The high levels of gas in the area required area businesses to be monitored for gas levels. Parents were called to come pick up their children at a daycare adjacent to the gas leak. Merrimack Fire Rescue carried the children out of the building to the waiting parents.

After aprox 45 minutes Liberty Utilities shut off the gas, and the area was ventilated until safe. Traffic was affected for approx 1.5 hours.