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MERRIMACK, NH - Merrimack Firefighters and police responded to 10 Hawthorne Road for a reported structure fire April 23, 2023 at 11: 46 a.m.

Merrimack Police arrived and reported fire showing out of the second-floor windows of the single-family house. A working fire status was requested bringing additional apparatus and personnel to the scene from surrounding cities and towns.

The ladder truck for Merrimack Fire has been out of service due to mechanical issues and the first ladder to arrive at the scene came from Nashua.

Firefighters stretched hose lines and attacked the fire that appeared to be in a second-floor bedroom on the front right side of the structure. Firefighters knocked down the fire and the Nashua ladder truck's crew accessed the roof and cut a ventilation hole to allow the smoke to exhaust from the attic and second floor.

An occupant from the residence was transported from the scene by Merrimack Fire Rescue to a local hospital for what appear to be non-life-threatening injuries.

One firefighter suffered minor injuries from a fall at the scene and was treated at the scene by medical personnel.

Two Merrimack Police Officers who had secured the rescued dogs in their cruisers brought the dogs to someone assisting the homeowner.

The fire is under investigation at this time, and the house is unable to be occupied at this time due to damage from the fire, smoke, and water.

©Jeffrey Hastings
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