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Merrimack, NH - Merrimack fire responded to the area of Amherst Rd Thursday morning at approx 8:3o am for an investigation of an odor of smoke on Amherst Rd.

After checking several streets in the area, firefighters found that the residence located at number 9 Riverside Drive was on fire.

Fire and smoke was showing from the basement. A working fire assignment was called bringing mutual aid from several towns to the scene or to cover stations.

One adult male was located and transported to the hospital but succumbed to his injuries Fire officials have confirmed.

NH State Fire Marshals office was on the scene along with Merrimack Police, and Merrimack Fire investigating.

The house is surrounded by heavy over growth, and a large amount of items around the house. One source confirmed the house is of “hoarding type conditions”.

NH State Fire Marshals Office should be issuing a press release shortly.

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