MFR Watson Park Recovery-0003Mystery Items Loom Under Water In Souhegan River - Exposed Due To The Drought Watson Park in Merrimack is a favorite place for families to use the beach and swim. Due to the record low water levels old pieces of metal started to be exposed and pose a danger to swimmers. A coordinated effort with Merrimack DPW, Merrimack Fire Rescue, Baileys Towing, and a diver worked to hook on to the unknown items. Bailey Towing using one of their largest rigs worked hard to pull the items free from the mud, the items offered a huge challenge and resistance. MFR used a hose to cool the rigs hydraulic motors to prevent over heating. Now the mystery is what are these items ? Many of them have been under water for decades. Some people think it is parts of the old dam, others believe a possible old bridge. It is time for everyone to get their history books out and figure out what these items are. ©Jeffrey Hastings /
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