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FOM 2023-9108

FOM 2023-9108

MANCHESTER, NH - On February 11, 2023 Manchester Boston Regional Airport reopened after a threat of an explosive device on an aircraft.

The roadways entering the terminal areas were closed down by Londonderry Police at about 11:00 a.m. Radio broadcasts indicated that Terminal A and other parts of the terminal were being evacuated and all inbound arriving aircraft were stopped on the tarmac and not allowed to approach the gates.

Signature Aircraft services moved refueling trucks away from an aircraft, and firefighting equipment from the airport was positioned nearby.

New Hampshire State Police Bomb Squad was notified and sent personnel and specially trained K9s to the airport.

Sources confirmed that Manchester- Boston Regional Airport Communications Center received a phone call reporting an alleged security threat aboard Spirit Airlines Flight 2025. The plane was scheduled to depart Manchester and fly to Tampa Florida.

Londonderry Police and state police K9s could be seen sweeping the inside and outside for explosives. All luggage was removed from the plane onto the tarmac where the K9s swept the luggage for explosives.

Traffic into the airport significantly backed up from vehicles arriving to drop off and pick up passengers. Many arriving people had no idea of what was happening and were stuck in traffic for over an hour.

At about 1:15 p.m. two aircraft waiting to approach gates were cleared to approach and unload. Radio broadcasts indicated TSA inbound checkpoint would remain closed while the two incoming aircraft were deplaned. Incoming passengers were able to gather their luggage and then could leave the airport.

At a press, conference authorities said all passengers were removed and rescreened before being able to board their flights.

Londonderry Police Captain Patrick Cheetham said that Londonderry Police will lead the investigation and the F.B.I. will assist them. A caller who called the airport just before 11:00 a.m. made a threat about and protocols