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MILFORD, NH - Milford Fire and several surrounding towns responded to a reported house fire at 84 Melendy Road May 21, 2023.

Responders were advised that a fire was reported on the second floor of the 2-story residence. When crews arrived they had smoke and fire showing from the rear of the house at about 7:30 p.m.

A working fire was declared bringing additional resources to the scene and to cover Milford fire stations. Milford firefighters set up a ladder truck while others made entry into the house and reported a fire in a second-floor bedroom.

Crews worked to knock down the heavy fire and then eject smoke from the house. Firefighters brought a pet in a cage to the homeowner who took it to a safe location.

Milford Chief Kenneth Flaherty said the majority of the fire damage was limited to the bedroom where it appeared the fire originated. Chief Flaherty said the closest fire hydrant was at the intersection of Osgood Road, crews ran about half a mile of 4-inch hose for water supply.

Eversource was summoned to the scene to shut down utilities. The occupants of the house will not be able to return to their home until significant repairs are made.

The cause and origin of the fire will be investigated by the Milford Fire Department.

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