The Merrimack Police Department held an awards night and badge pinning on April 20th at the John O’Leary Senior Center. Officers were recognized for acts since 2012. Below are a list of awards and which officers received them:

2015 Police Officers of the Year

Lt. Theodore Dillon
Sgt. Eric Marquis
Mptl. Sean McGuire
Mptl. Ryan Milligan

For their efforts evacuating residents of an apartment complex that was on fire.

Chief’s Achievement Award

Lt. Matthew Tarleton and Sgt. Joseph Goodridge – 2014 arrest of an attempted sexual assault suspect

Lt. Daniel Edmonds – 2015 interacting with a subject who was contemplating jumping off a bride

Distinguished Unit Awards

Mptl. James Sullivan, Mptl. Christopher Dowling, and Det. Scott Park – 2013 investigation and apprehension of a bank robbery suspect

Det. Michael Marcotte, Sgt. Joseph Goodridge, Sgt. Gregory Walters, and Det. Richard McKenzie – 2013 suspicious motor vehicle stop which led to arrest of burglars and recovering heroin

Sgt. Gregory Walters, Mptl. Stephen Wallin, and Det. Michael Marcotte – 2012 arrest of theft suspects who stole over $11,000 from the Premium Outlets

Mptl. William Vandersyde, Sgt. Sean Cassell, Sgt. Foley, and Lt. Theodore Dillon – 2014 welfare check at local hotel where children were found living in horrible conditions and they assisted the children and charged parents with neglect

Sgt. Dennis Foley and Ptl. Brandon Gagnon – 2014 arrest of two burglary suspects trying to enter an elderly person’s home

Mptl. Ryan Milligan and Mptl John Dudash – 2015 arrest of burglary suspect at local business

Lt. Daniel Edmonds, Sgt. Eric Marquis, Sgt. Kenneth Macleod, Det. Thomas Prentice, Det. Scott Park, Det. Christopher Spillane, Mptl. Sean McGuire, and Mptl. Ryan Milligan – 2015 investigative work during a homicide investigation

Meritorious Service Award

Sgt. Sean Cassell and Det. Christopher Spillane – 2014 investigative drug work that resulted in arrest of suspects

Lt. Brian Levesque – 2014 extensive case work on motor vehicle fatality

Mptl. Ryan Milligan – 2015 arrest of burglar near scene of crime

Exceptional Service Award

Det. Richard McKenzie – 2013 pursuit and apprehension of subject armed with a knife after making threats

Det. Thomas Prentice – 2012 disarming a butcher knife from a juvenile threatening to harm herself

Ret. Lt. Paul Trepaney – 2013 arrest of an armed bank robber suspect


Sgt. Gregory Walters and Ptl. Brandon Gagnon – 2013 performing cpr on a 52 year old woman

The Police Department also held a badge pinning recognizing recent hires, transfers, and promotions:


Clark Preston – hired April 2015

Jeffrey Sprankle – hired June 2015

Derek Hart – hired August 2015

John D’Auria – hired December 2015

Robert Maglio – hired April 2016

Patrick Ryan – hired April 2016

Matthew Esposito – hired April 2016


Christopher Spillane – November 2014

Michael Marcotte – December 2015

Richard McKenzie – January 2015


Kenneth Macleod – October 2015

Sean Cassell – January 2016

Gregory Walters – January 2016


Brian Levesque – January 2016

Theodore Dillon – January 2016
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