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At approx 10:30 a.m. on September 19, 2017 a loud explosion was heard and felt in New Boston from a newly constructed home at lot#32 on Foxberry Drive across the street from 123 Foxberry Lane.

Antonio De Souza, 46, of Nashua, was in the home at the time and died. De Souza was a painter for USA Painting and Cleaning, LLC.

The cause of the explosion is under investigation and an autopsy is scheduled today to determine De Souza’s exact cause of death.

A neighbor and an off-duty firefighter went to the house after hearing the explosion and were able to speak with De Souza, who told them he was injured. But the two weren’t able to make contact with him a few minutes later, and had to leave the scene because of the intensity of the flames, said Danielle Cole, a district chief for the State’s Fire Marshal.

When crews arrived, they found the house engulfed in flames, Cole said, and the bottom level had collapsed, bringing the second floor down on top of it.

Hoses were stretched about 3,000 feet to the house. Fire Chief Dan MacDonald said water sources can be few and far between in town.

OSHA, and NH State Fire Marshal are investigating the fire.

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