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Nashua Fire Awards Ceremony Honors Several Retiring, Promoted, and Outstanding Service

Nashua Fire Rescue held its Annual Recognition and Awards Ceremony on October 13, 2021, at the Nashua High School North. The master of ceremonies was Scott Spradling, with the presentation of colors by the Nashua Fire Rescue Honor Guard.

The invocation and benediction were given by Retired Deputy Chief Michael O'Brien Sr.

Speakers at the event included Kevin Burgess Chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioners, Nashua Fire Chief Brian D. Rhodes, Vice President Ben Lefebvre of Local 789 and Firefighter Alexander Smith Class 8/27/2019.

Retirees honored were Assistant Chief George Walker, Deputy Chief Karl Gerhard, Assistant Superintendent of Fire Alarm Pete Collishaw, Assistant Superintendent of Fleet David Powell, Lieutenant of Training and Safety James Bollengier, Private Michael Duclos, Private Anthony DeRubbio, Private James Douzanis, Lieutenant Stephen Flynn, Lieutenant Thomas Perault, Private Mark Carter, and Lieutenant John Fraser.

Members recognized during the presentation of badges Firefighter Patrick Bue, Firefighter Kyle Lewis, Firefighter Steven Maffee, Firefighter Alexander Smith, dispatcher Jeffrey Sheltry, Dispatcher Christopher Jenkins, Dispatcher Charles Brisk, Mechanic Richard Kelly, and Dispatcher Christopher Carter.
Promotions included David Robert Assistant Superintendent of Fire Alarm, David Perrault Inspector/Investigator, Glenn Telgen Captain, Michael Curran Captain, Andrew Martineau Lieutenant, Timothy Farrar Lieutenant, Jonathan Curran Lieutenant, Jacob Dodge Lieutenant Training and Safety, Bradley Keeler Lieutenant, Michael O'Brien Jr. Lieutenant, David Lablond Lieutenant, Cheryl Hill-Filteau Dispatch Supervisor, Kyle Ball Dispatch Supervisor, Amanda Cormier Dispatch Supervisor, and Ray Anderson dispatch Supervisor.

The outstanding Fire Officer Award was presented to Captain Mark Wholey.

A EMS Commendation was presented to Lieutenant Thomas Wholey, Firefighter Nicholas Pentedemos, Firefighter Joshua Hansen and Firefighter Phillip MacCallum all assigned to Engine 1 for their actions taken under unusual circumstances operating at the scene of a medical emergency.

Members issued a Unit Citation for Incident #2020-4330 North Southwood Drive motor vehicle accident. Engine 5 Captain Thomas Finnerty, Firefighter Michael Johansson, Firefighter Jeffrey Gariepy and Firefighter Justin Wright. Ladder 1 Captain Jeffrey Allison, Firefighter Michael Melchionne, Firefighter Patrick Reardon and Firefighter Daniel Higgins. Ladder 2 Lieutenant Sage Quimby, Firefighter Keith Belanger, firefighter Robert Dungan, and Firefighter Thomas Keith. C4 Deputy Chief Kevin Kerrigan and Firefighter Ryan Leighton.

The Commissioner Citation was issued to paramedic Katherine Rhodes.

An EMS Commendation was given Incident #2021-1143 Gusabel Ave gunshot. Members of Engine 5 Captain Thomas Finnerty, Firefighter Michael Johansson, Firefighter Thomas Lanrzara and Firefighter Patrick Bue were presented the commendation for their actions taken under unusual circumstances operating at the scene of a medical emergency.

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