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On September 3, 2021 Nashua Fire Rescue responded to a reported building Fire at 51Harbor Ave. Upon arrival Engine 4 and C4, had Heavy Smoke and Fire showing from a 2-1/2 story brick Commercial building with an Auto repair shop on the first floor and an Apartment above. A 2-1/2 story wood frame 15 unit apartment building is attached to this building with smoke and fire extending into the occupied apartment building. Fire crews had to evacuate this building and check for extension. All occupants were assisted out of the building and no injuries were reported. Numerous hand lines were stretched into both buildings and searches were conducted, ladder companies vented the roofs and checked for extension. The fire was under control in 40 minutes from arrival.

Mutual Aid to Scene: Merrimack, Hollis, Lowell, Londonderry, Hudson
Mutual Aid Coverage/Stations: Windham, Manchester, Salem, Dracut, Chelmsford

Rescues: Numerous residents were evacuated from their apartments

Accomplishments: Fire Extinguishment in the original fire building with minor extension into the 15 unit apartment building.

Injuries: One occupant evaluated for smoke inhalation on scene

Number of NFR Engines in response: 6
Number of NFR Ladder trucks in response: 3
Other NFR apparatus in response: Deputy Chief, Fire Investigation / Marshal/ Safety/ C1, C2
Number of NFR personnel in response: 43

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