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Incident type: Automobile accident into a building
Incident date: 11/08/2018
Time of Incident: 1129
Incident Location: 452 Amherst Street, Country Tavern Restaurant

Incident Commander: Deputy Chief Glen MacDonald

Number of NFR Engines in response: 2
Number of NFR Ladder trucks in response: 1
Other NFR apparatus in response: Deputy Chief, Safety Officer
Number of NFR personnel in response: 15
First NFR unit on scene: Engine 5 (Lieutenant Patrick Nelson)

Nashua Fire Rescue responded to 452 Amherst Street, The Country Tavern Restaurant for an automobile into a building. Engine 5 arrived and found a Cadillac Deville had driven through a window into the dining room. The vehicle went through a glass window on the front left portion of the building. There were two occupants in the vehicle. Neither one was injured. There were no patrons or employees in the dining room at the time of the accident. The Nashua Building Inspector arrived and determined that the building was still structurally sound. The power was shut off to this portion of the building. The left portion of the dining area is closed until the glass is cleaned up and the window either boarded up or replaced. The right side of the restaurant was allowed to open.
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