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Air Force Capt. Ryan Phaneuf, 30 of Hudson, NH died in the line of duty on January 27th. He was killed in a crash of their Bombardier E-11A electronic surveillance plane, in Ghazni Province, in eastern Afghanistan.

Wednesday the body of Capt. Ryan Phaneuf was flown home to the Nashua, NH airport. A large group of family members, military officers, and first responders lined the tarmac as the casket was transferred from the plane to a waiting hearse.

An escort of vehicles led by Nashua Fire, Nashua Police, Hudson Fire, and Hudson police escorted the hears to the Hudson Funeral home. The streets in Nashua and Hudson were lined with many people saluting, and holding flags as the procession passed by.

The obituary and details of Capt. Ryan Phaneuf’s life can be found at…

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