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Nashua, NH - At 07:49 Nashua Fire received a call reporting smoke coming from the apartment at 103 Spit Brook Rd. Upon arrival Engine 3 reported smoke showing. The fire was in 1 apt. on the first floor of a 12 unit 3 story wood and brick Garden Style Apartment Building. Crews stretched hose lines and quickly extinguished the fire keeping it contained to the 1 apartment. Numerous Occupants were assisted out of the building by Firefighters as a heavy smoke condition was found on all floors.

One male occupant from the fire apartment was transported to Southern NH Med center for smoke inhalation and evaluation. Numerous occupants were assisted out of the building by Firefighters.

Cold weather and snow created slippery conditions for firefighters operating on scene.

The Fire is currently under investigation by the Nashua Fire Marshal's Office
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