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Nashua, NH - Nashua Fire received multiple calls for a building fire Monday at 12:27 PM. Reports were that an attached garage was on fire at 16 Hyacinth Dr. Upon arrival on scene Lt. Kolden (Engine Six) reported heavy fire showing from a garage attached to a two and one half story house. Companies stretched multiple hand lines working to extinguish the fire, while ladder company personnel conducted searches of the building.

The occupant of the house was at home at the time of the fire and notified Nashua Fire Rescue that his dog Rocky was inside the house. NFR made entry into the house and removed the unresponsive dog, and called for the assistance of Paramedics from AMR to assist.

The dog was given CPR, and Oxygen via a specially designed pet mask. The dog was revived and was up walking. He was brought to a local emergency veterinarian.

The fire in the garage was well extended into the house and there was heavy fire in the basement. Deputy Chief Buxton called for a second alarm bringing additional resources to the scene.

The occupant of the house was transported via AMR of Nashua to a local hospital for evaluation. He was released later in the day after being evaluated by hospital personnel.

The fire is under investigation but appears to have started in the garage area of the house.

Multiple surrounding towns came to Nashua for mutual aid to cover stations and help at the fire scene.

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