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FOM 2020-6371

FOM 2020-6371

Nashua, NH - On November 7, 2020 at 12:54 pm Nashua Fire Rescue responded to a reported building fire at 35 Fairview Ave The Deputy Chief, Engine 6, Engine 3, Ladder 1, and Engine 5 (RIT/Fire Fighter Safety) responded. An AMR ambulance was also dispatched.

Engine 6 arrived on scene to locate heavy fire from the front of the building that had extended into the interior first and second floors of the building. A working fire assignment above the initial 1st alarm assignment was ordered bringing Ladder 2 and Engine 4 to the scene additionally.

Crews extinguished the bulk of the exterior fire and proceeded into the interior to extinguish the fire. Crews located and removed 2 dogs from the building, neither requiring immediate care (both ok). Crews worked to control the fire on the first floor while additional crews accessed and extinguished the fire on floor 2. Ladder 1’s crew ventilated the roof over the main fire area to assist in fire control. The remaining searches of the building proved the building to be clear of additional occupants. The bulk of the fire was extinguished and the incident placed under control 24 minutes after initial dispatch.

Four occupants will be displaced and housing was still being determined at the time of this press release. Nashua Fire Rescue was assisted at the scene by Nashua Police and AMR ambulance.

Special Hazards Encountered: Large dog under duress from the fire posed potential risk until safely removed without incident.

Rescues: 2 dogs removed, no people rescued.

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