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NASHUA, NH — Nashua Fire Rescue and AMR ambulance responded to Meadowbrook Drive on Saturday for a fire that appears to have killed a Gate City man.
Witnesses reported smoke coming from the windows of a single-family house around 7 p.m. NFR Assistant Fire Chief Steve Buxton arrived to the scene about one minute after the initial dispatch and found heavy fire conditions and called for a working fire bringing additional apparatus and personnel to the scene.
Crews on the scene reported heavy fire in the basement of the house and the collapse of parts of the first floor of the house. Fire crews made entry to the first floor of the house through a window to begin searches of the building.
A victim was located on the first floor and pulled from the house by several firefighters and brought to AMR ambulance medics on the scene, and the man was rushed to Southern New Hampshire Medical Center where he was pronounced deceased according to New Hampshire State Fire Marshal Paul Parisi.
The New Hampshire Fire Marshal’s Office — Bureau of Investigations is investigating the incident in conjunction with the Nashua Fire Department and the Nashua Police Department. At this time, the fire is believed to have started in the basement of the home but the cause of the fire remains under investigation.
An autopsy will be conducted by the NH State Medical Examiner’s Office on Monday at Concord Hospital. The identity of the victim has not been released at this time pending the autopsy and notification of the next of kin.
State Fire Marshal Paul Parisi reminds all citizens of the importance of having working smoke alarms in your home. In the event of a fire, immediately exit your home and call 9-1-1. Keep exits clear of debris and have a home fire escape plan. If you have any questions about fire safety in your home, please contact your local fire department or the NH State Fire Marshal’s Office.
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