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FOM 2019-0654

FOM 2019-0654

On December 22, 2019 at 8:20 PM Nashua Fire Rescue responded to 1 Balcom St for a reported fire inside the building. Engine 2, Engine 6, Ladder 2, and the Deputy Chief responded. Engine 3 responded as the RIT Company

Engine 2 arrived on scene with smoke showing and received reports from occupants of a fire in the building, located on the second floor. Engine 2’s crew advanced a hose line into the building and located a fire in a bedroom on the second floor with extension into the attic area. The crew rapidly extinguished the fire as Engine 6 stretched a backup line and established water supply. Ladder 2 conducted a search of the building. Several occupants were assisted from the building by first arriving units. The fire did not extend from the area of origin. Engine 3 responded as the Rapid intervention team (RIT) and an AMR ambulance responded and transported one occupant.

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