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The NH Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony was held in Concord, NH to remember the members of Law Enforcement who paid the ultimate sacrifice while protecting the citizens of NH.
The names of all the fallen officers was read, and a family member placed a flower on the memorial wreath. The names of those officers is listed below.
Fish and Game Col. Kevin Jordan, chairman of the N.H. Law Enforcement Memorial Association. “The day is designed for families to understand the law enforcement community will never forget the sacrifice their loved one made and the sacrifice they make every day living without them. It’s quite a sacrifice.” All Photos By Jeffrey Hastings can be downloaded free of charge at
The names of New Hampshire’s fallen officers are as follows:
Brentwood Patrolman Stephen Arkell
Durham Lieutenant Robert Hollis, Jr.
Greenland Chief of Police Michael P. Maloney
Antrim Chief of Police Ralph C. Brooks
Auburn Lieutenant Donald Eaton
Berlin Sergeant Paul G. Brodeur
Berlin Officer Robert Devoid
Berlin Officer Dorman Wheelock
Carroll County Sheriff Harry M. Leavitt
Cheshire County Deputy Sheriff John S. Walker Sr.
Colebrook Chief Fred T. Towle
Derry Sergeant Thomas C. Kelly
Dover Officer George E. Pray
Dover Assistant Marshall John McDonough
Epsom Patrolman Jeremy T. Charron
East Kingston Officer Melvin Alan Keddy
Exeter Officer Albert L. Colson
Farmington Assistant Chief Louis A. Sheets
Franconia Corporal N. Bruce McKay
Gorham Officer Jerome O. Piet
Hanover Chief James H. Collins
Jaffrey Police Supervisor William E. O'Neil, Sr.
Laconia Police Officer Charles H. Dolloff
Lancaster Chief Andrew T. Malloy
Manchester Officer Michael Leland Briggs
Manchester Officer Ralph W. Miller
Manchester Inspector William M. Moher
Manchester Sergeant Henry McAllister
Nashua Acting Chief Armand J. Roussel
Nashua Patrolman Edward C. Graziano
Nashua Patrolman Michael Latvis
Nashua Patrolman James H. Roche
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