MERRIMACK, NH — Merrimack police attempted to stop a vehicle for a traffic violation on March 17, 2024 when, according to police, it refused to stop.

The vehicle turned onto Contra Way in the Fidelity complex, and the driver fled on foot from the vehicle a few minutes before noon. Merrimack police found that the plates didn’t match the vehicle, and the vehicle was reported stolen from Nashua.

Police set up a perimeter around several acres of land at the Fidelity property. Assistance was requested from New Hampshire State Police and Nashua police, who responded to the area.

Several troopers positioned cruisers on the highway, and Merrimack officer began to search on foot with the assistance of a Nashua Police K9.

State police launched a drone with thermal imaging to assist in finding the man by flying over several wooded areas.

The Nashua police canine detected a trail and began tracking in the woods towards Thornton Road West, where several Merrimack officers and state police were positioned.

The state police drone detected a person using thermal imaging behind residences on Thornton Road West. The state police helicopter arrived to assist from the air and began to search when
the man exited the woods.

The suspect approached a residence and asked if he could use the phone, and the resident immediately notified the police since they were aware of the ongoing search.

The suspect was wet, wearing only one shoe, and had removed some of the clothing he was initially seen wearing. He was taken into custody without any resistance and calmly
spoke to the officers on scene.

He was taken from the scene in handcuffs and transported to the Merrimack Police Department.

Merrimack Police Sgt. McKenzie verified the suspect arrested was the one accused of running from the officer. At this time, the identity of the suspect and the charges he faces are unknown.

©Jeffrey Hastings
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