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Hollis, NH - Two Suspicious deaths being investigated Saturday Afternoon

NHSP and NH Atty General issued a press release that they were investigating 2 suspicious deaths in Hollis, NH

The information stated the deceased was an adult male and female.

They also advised, "Based on the investigation conducted to date, it appears that all relevant parties in the incident have been identified, and there is no ongoing threat to the public."

Earlier in the day according to information, we have confirmed police went to a house on Deer Run Rd for a welfare check. They had the ambulance wait near North Pepperell Rd and Deer Run. The ambulance was later cleared from the scene and no one was transported.

At approx 4PM the area in front of the second house on Deer Run had a heavy police presence. NHSP Major Crimes investigators and the NHSP Major Crimes truck arrived and backed into the driveway.

People from the neighborhood were out doing yard work, and children were playing on the quiet road and did not appear worried.

The bodies will be transported to Concord where autopsies will be performed, and the identity will be released after the next of kin are notified.

NHSP Major Crimes has had an intense workload with crime scenes in Alton, Bristol, Manchester, and Hollis.

We will update as information is released


©Jeffrey Hastings
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