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Merrimack NH - Merrimack Police received a call of a car which crashed in to a parked care at the Dunkin Donuts on DW Highway, and the person driving the black vehicle immediately ran from the scene. Merrimack PD with the assistance of NHSP set up a perimeter and brought a K9 to the scene. Also Hillsborough County Sheriffs office assisted.

After several spotting of the person running behind condos, and the old Shaws the suspect was spotted running across the street in to the woods across from King Kone. Multiple units rushed the area surrounding the area. The suspect was spotted running and was ordered to stop several times. NHSP Trooper shouted the K9 would be deployed and it was after the person didn’t stop. He was brought down and handcuffed by members of NHSP and Merrimack PD. Merrimack Fire Rescue was called to the scene and transported the suspect for a dog bite as he remained in custody and under the supervision of MPD.

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