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A funeral was held at the Immaculate Conception Church in Lowell, MA for Newport News, VA Officer Katie Thyne killed in the line of duty. Officer Thyne attended and graduated Alvirne High School in Hudson, NH.

Hundreds of officers from across the country lined the streets, and entrance to the church. The casket was carried in by members of the Newport News, VA Police department. Civilians also lined the streets of Lowell showing respect as the motorcade went by.

Comfort Dogs from multiple police departments were at the church to comfort family members and attendees of the services. As the casket was carried from the church the dogs with their handlers stood near the entrance of the church.

Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew and Thyne’s Fiancé Brittany Lewis saluted the hearse containing the casket and embraced before the procession left the church for the cemetery.

©Jeffrey Hastings
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