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Nashua, NH - The city of Nashua issued a shelter in place for people in the Worcester St, area when a man with several weapons refused to come out of a house on Shedd Ave.

The incident reportedly began when the male at 16 Shedd Ave assaulted two people in the house. They were eventually allowed to leave the house and were transported to the hospital by AMR ambulance with assault-related injuries.

Police closed off streets in the neighborhood which has narrow streets. The Nashua Police bearcat was brought to the scene and officers with long guns surrounded the house. After an extended amount of time shots were fired using a non-lethal bean-bag gun which hit the subject but he continued to refuse to come out.

Eventually, the male came out of the house and brought to a waiting AMR ambulance. He was transported to the hospital in custody and was suffering from wounds related to being shot with the bean-bag gun.

Police put up crime scene tape surrounding the house at 16&18 Shedd Ave.

Updates will be posted if Nashua Police release more information.

©Jeffrey Hastings
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