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DUNSTABLE, MA — Dunstable Police Chief James Dow and Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan report that the 15-year-old swimmer who was pulled from a conservation pond in Dunstable has died.
The boy was located in approximately 13 feet of water and was transported to a New Hampshire hospital where he was subsequently pronounced dead.
The name of the boy will not be released. The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office does not release the names of juveniles when no foul play is suspected.
Dunstable, Massachusetts, police, and firefighters, and the Nashua's dive team responded to a call at Bass Pond in for a boy who went under water and did not resurface. The initial call came in at 4:15 pm, and first responders rushed to the pond located in a conservation area that is part of Dunstable Rural Land Trust.
Crews searched from the shore and launched boats to assist in the search.
At 6 p.m., the boy, 15, was located and pulled from the water after being submerged for nearly two hours. The patient was loaded into a waiting ambulance and transported to a local hospital.
The boy had reportedly been swimming with friends in the pond when he became distressed and his friends lost sight of him in the water.
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