A very special thank you to Manchester Fire Personnel and AMR personnel for their life saving actions.

Derrick Vossbrinnk was pinned in his pick up truck when a tractor trailer lost control on 93 SB and crushing his truck which he was driving. His four year old daughter was in the back seat of the pick up truck, and her father being pinned could not get to her.

Derrick wanted to personally shake the hands and thank all of those who spent over an hour getting him out of the truck and getting him to the trauma center. He reached out to District Chief Mike Gamache who put the crews together to visit him at the Elliot Hospital. Members of Engines 3, 9, 11, Truck 7, Rescue 1, and AMR were all in the room meeting Derrick, his mother and father as well as her daughter who was uninjured.

He suffered extensive injuries including his shoulder, pelvis, and legs. He will be leaving the Elliot soon, and beginning rehabilitation. Derrick has a long road ahead of him but wanted to make sure he showed his appreciation to the First Responders.
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